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GfK Commissioned for Exit Polls by GPB

Publish Time 2010-05-31 12:45:00

Georgian Public Broadcaster commissioned exit polls for May 30 local elections to GFK Group (, Germany’s largest market research institute, and the fourth largest market research organization in the world.

Exit polls were conducted across Tbilisi, the capital. 6418 respondents were interviewed in total, concerning Mayoral race and City Council elections. Maximal error indicator hit 2 %.

The project was managed overall by Nick Moon, Managing Director of GfK NOP Social Research, and Vadim Volos, Vice President of GfK Public Affairs and Media. GfK activities cover five business divisions: Custom research, Retail and Technology, Consumer Tracking, Media and Healthcare. GfK conducted exit polls for the BBC at the last four general elections in the UK and at the Ukrainian Presidential election.

The poll was based on strict random sampling principles throughout, as this is the most likely way to achieve the most accurate results. The basic approach was based heavily on that used very successfully by GfK in the UK, Ukraine, Poland, USA, Germany, Greece, and many other countries.


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