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Statement of Georgian Public Broadcasting

Publish Time 2011-01-05 13:00:00

The Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) responds to the accusation regarding the coverage of veterans' rally.
Veterans’ problem has been the main topic of the news program of the Georgian Public Broadcasting since the rallies launched. Along with the rally, we have covered direct or indirect events in connection with the current processes, we mean the opposition political parties, their leaders’ support toward the veterans, their speeches, briefings, official statements and activities of non-governmental organizations.

At the same time together with the first channel, the second channel of the GPB constantly and particularly has covered the above mentioned events. The parties’ leaders and representatives of the third sector have more air space and opportunity for discussing the issue at the second channel of GPB. Therefore, we deny the accusations about ignoring the problems of veterans. The direct obligation of the Public Broadcasting is delivering the prompt and impartial information about the ongoing processes to the audience.

The only topic which did not get in our air was the dispersal of a veterans' rally held on January 3, due to lack of video material. The material was obtained on January 4 and the news program staff prepared the regarding detailed reportage over the issue. We present the list of dates, how frequently the issue of veterans was covered by the both of the Public Broadcasting Channels.

List of events covered by “Moambe” News Program of First Channel of the GPB:
1. December 28- Irakli Alasania met with veterans at the Heroes' Square;
2. December 27 - Veterans' Rally: Matsaberidze - Director of the Veterans' Hospital;
3. December 16 - Victor Dolidze briefing - Veterans' pension and allowance;
4. December 14 - Irakli Alasania met with veterans at the party office ;
5. December 9 – Zurab Abashidze briefing – Topic: Veterans' benefits;
6. December 8 - Irakli Alasania briefing - Topic: the consideration of veterans problems in the state Budget;
7. November 15 - Christian - Democrats briefing - Topic: Problems of Veterans.

Coverage of the events list on Channel Second of GPB:
1. December 8 - Program "Briefing Time" - Irakli Alasania about veterans;
2. December 9 - Program "Briefing Time" - Zurab Abashidze about veterans;
3. December. 29 - Program "Briefing Time" - Levan Gachechiladze, Sozar Subari and Kakha Kukava met with rally participants;
4. January 4 - Program "Free Tribune" - Lasha Chkhartishvili, Aleko Shalamberidze, Gela Nikolaishvili about veterans' issues.


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