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GPB Board released a Statement

Publish Time 2013-03-14 12:02:00

Terms for submitting applications to participate in the contest on the post of General Director of the Georgian Public Broadcaster expired at 6 PM on March 14. However, on March 13, Giorgi Baratashvili, former General Director of GPB had filed a complaint in the court against the March 4 decision of Board about termination of authorities to him. Baratashvili demands restoration to the position and suspension of the contest.
Above mentioned fact created the new circumstances, we’d like to present them to the society and to the participants of the contest:
1. In accordance with the Georgian legislation, in case of restoration the former General Director to the position, the authority of a newly appointed Director will be terminated.
2. Board of Trustees believes that the additional time should be given to the contestants to make decision. Consequently, deadline for the submission of applications (or withdrawal of already submitted ones) has been postponed till March 18, 18:00.
3. The decision of the Board is reasoned by the fact that despite the contentious situation, taking into consideration the possibility that the dispute may be lasted during several-months, the Public Broadcaster should not be hindered by the managing of acting director with limited discretion. Therefore, we consider termination of the contest as the inexpedient act. The March 4 decision of Board about termination of authorities to Baratashvili is based on solid legal arguments, in case of necessity, Board is ready to defend them through the court.


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