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Giorgi Baratashvili- Current Data Reads that GPB Arrears Amount to Approx. GEL 17 millions

Publish Time 2013-07-08 12:30:00

According to the statement of GPB Director General Giorgi Baratashvili, the data from July 2013 reads GPB arrears to be approximately GEL 17 millions. Baratashvili reported to Media.Ge upon the conclusion of the July 8 meeting of the GPB Board of Trustees.

Baratashvili says that the loan the television received from the state makes up part of the GPB’s arrears - approximately GEL 4 million, which has been spent to cover the costs of the Eutelsat usage. According to him, the television has been fined by reason of having started paying out the arrears with delay.

“We have already paid GEL 2, 800, 000 and yet another GEL 2,000 000 is left to be paid. This is the debt the television has had since the time it had started operating under the status of state television,”- he stressed.

In addition, after the financial probe of 2013, the television had been imposed to pay out the sum of GEL 8 millions. Baratashvili says that the television has appealed against the arrears imposed by the revenue service, after which the debt of the GPB had been reduced by GEL 3 millions. He as well remarks that the total of GPB’s arrears amounts to GEL 12 millions.
The Georgian Public Broadcaster as well owes European Broadcasting Union(EBU) GEL 3 millions- Baratashvili continues.

“We no longer delay our paying out of arrears, and have agreed with European Broadcasting Union that we’ll pay out the rest of the debt during the course of next year. And now we’re going to pay GEL 700 000,” – Baratashvili added.

The financial condition of GPB was one of the issues that have been discussed today, July 8, at the meeting of the GPB Board of Trustees.


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