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Advisory Council of GPB was created

Publish Time 2013-09-02 12:47:00

The Advisory Council of Georgia’s Public Broadcaster (GPB) starts working as of September 2. The members of various public sectors are represented in the Council; therefore it will provide consultations in many directions.

Advisory Council will observe and study the current developments in the organization, in order to ensure that Public Broadcaster fully complies with its obligations: “For the purposes of broadcasting of various programs free from political and commercial influence and corresponding to public interests, a Public Service Broadcaster shall be established on the bases of this law. The Public Service Broadcaster is a legal entity of public law, independent of the state and accountable to the public, established under Georgian legislation, on the basis of public financing, for television or radio broadcasting. The Public Service Broadcaster does not subordinate to any state authority” (Georgian Law on Broadcasting, Article 15).

Advisory Council will take part in the decision making process over the important issues of Broadcaster. The General Director and management of GPB will consider recommendations provided by the Group.

Members of Advisory Council:

Davit Magradze – Poet
Zaza Shatirishvili – Philosopher
Marina Muskhelishvili - the director of Centre for Social Studies
Grigol Gogelia - Lawyer, Management Specialist
Irakli Lomouri - Literature expert
Natela Sakhokia - Director of Strategic Research Centre


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