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Parliament to vote for 4 candidates seeking membership of GPB’s Board of Trustees

Publish Time 2014-01-22 11:33:00

The Georgian parliament today, as part of the extraordinary session, will vote for 4 candidates who seek to become members of Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB).
The non-parliamentary oppositional parties having agreed with parliamentary minority will present the candidacy of Darejan Javakhishvili. The minority will nominate Ninia Kakabadze. The Adjara Supreme Council will present Gennady Geladze, while Public Defender – Lela Gaprindashvili. The parliamentary majority failed to reach an agreement.
Only 3 members of Board of Trustees have been approved for the time being. Ia Antadze, a member of the Competition Commission talks about violation of Law on Broadcasting. GPB’s Board of Trustees should be staffed by 9 members.
Ambassadors accredited in Georgia released a joint statement over the issue of staffing of GPB’s Board of Trustees. “We believe that Law on Broadcasting should regulate selection of Board’s members. The Board should be independent and ensure strengthening of media environment.
The competition commission discussed and presented the list of 27 candidates transparently and in compliance with requirements of the law. While the international community expects pluralism, freedom of media and protection of democratic ideals from Georgia, we anticipate completion of the selection process as envisaged by the law, reads the statement.


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