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Anri Jokhadze had first rehearsal in the Baku Crystal Hall

Publish Time 2012-05-17 02:14:00

Anri Jokhadze, the representative of Georgia in Eurovision 2012 had his first rehearsal in the Baku Crystal Hall . 

Anri showed an energetic performance, beating the drums and even playing the piano himself , - the official Eurovision Song Contest website reports. 

,,On the question if the fact that neighbouring Azerbaijan won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest put additional pressure on the Georgian team this year, the Head of the Georgian Delegation, Maia Bichikashvili, said: "It's not pressure, but rather an expectation. Everyone in Georgia expects that we win the contest some time soon. But the main thing is: It's great that we have the Eurovision Song Contest in the Caucasus this year finally." 

The Georgian stage performance features a lot of movements and action: Anri Jokhadze was accompanied by five backing vocalists and dancers who showed an energetic performance, standing and sitting on metal-framed cube structures. Anri himself also didn't only sing, but he danced, beat a huge white drum, played the piano, and even used a megaphone! 

On the LEDs in the background, fast moving stars and circles were displayed to support the eclectic style of the stage act and the strong beat of the song. The main colour of the stage lighting was red, and Anri Jokhadze performed very well vocally, both the operatic parts in the beginning and the rock parts throughout the rest of the song. 

During the last run of the rehearsal, the pyrotechnical effects were also shown - they consisted of flames appearing around the main stages. Apart from that, smoke effects were used as well, “ - the official Eurovision Song Contest website has published. 


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