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The statement of Georgia’s Public Broadcaster

Publish Time 2012-05-28 02:09:00

The leader of the public movement “Georgian Dream” Bidzina (Boris) Ivanishvili has made an official statement on May 28, in which he continues pressure on the media, especially on the Georgian Public Broadcaster. 

Today we have learned that if we do not “change rhetoric” and not be absolutely loyal to Ivanishvili, in case of Ivanishvili’s coming into the power, the future of the public broadcaster as an institute will be under suspicion. 

The public broadcasting and the editorial and financial independence of the GPB is the achievement of our country that is fixed in the Georgian Law on Broadcasting. Our finance is not depending on the desire of Parliament or Government and budget amount of GPB is equal to 0,12 % of country’s GDP. 

According to unanimous opinion of all international and professional experts, this system is the most progressive and ensures full including editorial independence of broadcasting. The activity of public broadcasting as the most balanced and unbiased TV-radio corporation in Georgia that was been repeatedly confirmed by OSCE, UN, EU, BBC and other influential organizations. 
Under this circumstance, the unilateral change of financing of public broadcasting, moreover, attempt of threatening can be considered as unhidden blackmail and harsh attempt to alter editorial policy in pre-election period. 

As it seems, Ivanishvili wants to see the Public Broadcasting exclusively in service of his political interests, which comes into confrontation with freedom of media and concept of public broadcasting. 

Mr. Ivanishvili, for explanation: 
1. Host of a program is not a presenter 
2. Commercial advertising, except for unique cases, has been banned in GPB air since 2011. 

We appeal to acting media environment democratization directed international and non-governmental organizations, to representatives of acting mass media outlets, to adequately assess oppression instances on media on side of Ivanishvili and his political team.


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